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King’s Pointe Leasing is an independent finance company managing a multi-million
dollar portfolio.  The Company was created to meet the financing needs of small to mid-sized businesses not currently being met by traditional bank solutions.  King’s Pointe Leasing has been directly responsible for the origination of millions of dollars of creative lease financing solutions for their customers. 

King’s Pointe Team

King’s Pointe Leasing team has over 100 years of experience in operations, consulting, financial management, and transactional law.  We have worked extensively inside successful emergin growth companies, and understand the challenges and opportunities our management teams face.  Our networks within the financial communities provide us with the ability to access key resources for our portfolio of companies.

Advisory Board

King’s Pointe Leasing advisory board includes leaders in the business and financial community with extensive experience in developing companies.  Collectively they have generated superior returns for our clients and investors.

King’s Pointe Leasing utilizes private funding sources to meet its capital needs to
facilitate the company’s business objectives and to provide capital and sustained growth.  These partners remain committed in developing the strategic direction of King’s Pointe Leasing.

King’s Pointe Leasing originates new lease transactions with end-user customers, either directly or indirectly, through strategic vendor finance programs and acquires portfolios
of existing lease transactions for investment.

Privately funded, King’s Pointe Leasing relies on investors looking for a fixed income return backed by assets which are considerably greater than traditional investments without the rollercoaster ride of the market.


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